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The following Senior Living Calculator helps you plan for the transition from living at home to a senior living community.  When you add up the costs of rent or mortgage payments, taxes, and upkeep, the cost of living in a senior community can be less than staying at home. The care and supportive services offered at a senior living community can be an affordable alternative to arranging for caregivers to come into the home. 

average cost of one person in a studio apartment/Independent living 


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Independent Living

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An Independent Living Community is for seniors who do not require medical assistance, but may need a little help around the house or are feeling a need for socialization.  There are no living restrictions, and seniors have the freedom to come and go whenever they please. The primary goal of independent living is community.




Assisted Living


Assisted Living communities offer assistance with daily living activities.  Every community offers different levels of support, so it’s important to understand the level of care your loved one needs now as well as what health conditions may arise in the future. Assistance with daily living needs is available such as bathing, dressing, toileting as well as "hands-on” care.  Meals and activities are usually included in the price.




Memory Care

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An Alzheimer’s & Dementia Memory Care Community is for people with a diagnosis of middle to late stage memory conditions. These memory care communities specialize in special care needs. People who are appropriate for this setting are those who have begun forgetting how to perform the daily activities of life or who have  begun wandering or have demonstrated combative behavior.

Compare how a senior living community can be more affordable than living in your current home by using our Senior Living Calculator.

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Average energy costs are $250 - $350 Average home maintenance is $1,500 - $2,500, Average food costs are $600 - $1200 per month
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